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Triple Blended Coffee Beans

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At Dätgen Roasters, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible coffee roasting solutions to help them achieve their goals. Our success is measured by the success of our customers, which is why we take pride in sharing their stories with you.

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Welcome to Black Mountain Roasters, where passion for coffee and quality roasting is at the heart of everything we do. Our story begins with a group of coffee enthusiasts who shared a common vision - to bring the best coffee to our community. We wanted to create a place where people could come together over a cup of coffee and connect with each other.

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Black Mountain Roasters

Sabbath Coffee Roasters using Datgen Roasters

Sabbath Coffee Roasters

With the official grand opening of its Clawson, Michigan, roastery cafe coinciding with the Halloween weekend, Sabbath Coffee Roasters got to work offering guests fresh cups served to go.

Sabbath Co-founder Trevor Graham told Daily Coffee News the the Southeast Michigan company hopes its coffee will not only provide something delicious, but will also be part of a critical intermission in the nonstop flurry of daily concerns.

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Condifa AS

Condifa AS was started in 2003 by Olaf Silsand. After nearly 30 years in the industry as a chef and pastry chef, subject manager and product developer, it was time to try something new. The focus shifted from producing food to supplying raw materials, including carefully selected, high-quality products at reasonable prices. The result was a niche wholesaler for bakeries, patisseries and the HoReCa segment. From 150 stocked items in 2004, to 2,250 stocked items in 2020.

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Condifa AS buys a Datgen Roasters
Cafe Loren a picture with a Datgen DR12 coffee roaster

Cafe Loren

Loren Huck was born in the United States, in the Midwest, not far from Chicago. That's where he fell in love with the smell of coffee. The coffee his family made at home and the coffee he tasted in coffee shops.

"I have always been attracted to good products, especially coffee. I realized that there was a way to taste other coffees than the small espresso or grandma's coffee. I wanted to make you live and discover coffee differently..."

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Matz Kaffeemanufaktur Germany

MORE THAN JUST COFFEE ... It's been one crazy ride. For us, a great year comes to an end with incredibly many beautiful moments and new challenges. And one thing is certain: Without you all this wouldn't be possible! Thank you for your support, loyalty and trust. We never dreamed we'd be able to inspire so many people over fair, sustainable, locally roasted coffee.

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Matz Kaffeemanufaktur with a Datgen DR12 coffee roaster machine
Grizzlar Coffee and Records' coffee in a bag

The Grizzlar Coffee & Records

The Grizzlar Coffee & Records is new to Edmonton, and explores coffee with a punk-rock ethos we’ve never seen before. Located just behind MacEwan University on 105 Ave. and 109 St., the café intersects music, culture, and high-quality drip coffee with a Do It Yourself (DIY) attitude thanks to its owner, Drew McIntosh.

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Tucan CAFÉ
Czech Republic

The team at Café Tucán is passionate about coffee and dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through the door. This café is a hub for artists, musicians, and other creatives who come together to share their passions and inspire one another. From live music performances to art exhibitions, there's always something going on at Café Tucán.

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Tucan Cafe owner and a Datgen coffee roasting machine
Ucafe and Datgen Coffee Roasting machine

South Africa 

At UCAFE, we're passionate about bringing you the highest quality coffee at the most affordable price. We believe that great coffee shouldn't be a luxury - it should be a part of your daily routine. That's why we work directly with farmers around the world to source the finest green coffee beans, which we roast to perfection in-house.

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Quality Blends S.L. 

Cafès especialitat i orgànics. Equipament barista. Màquines de cafè professionals, office i per casa. Infusions orgàniques. Formació. Assessoria en Plans de Negoci.

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Dätgen Roasters is used by 100+ coffee shops and roasteries to serve fresh coffee daily

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